Pimp out your business conference room in 5 easy ways

How does your business conference room look right now? Well, besides the fact that it’s probably bare and boring… Have you ever thought about making it more appealing, more organized, and making it feel more like a home? Here are five easy ways to have your conference room look like that penthouse room you wish you would have stayed in on that last vacation.

First- Space. It all starts with space. A room loaded with decorations and plants and pictures and furniture and trophies and sculptures (you get the point) gives the room a cluttered look. Not only is this not pleasing to the eye, it can also affect people on a subconscious level. That’s right, a cluttered room can lead to a cluttered mind causing unneeded stress and irritability. Start with a clean wall, and only put up 1-3 items per wall (depending on the size of the room). Next, give yourself big enough walk ways that make your meeting entrances and exits a little easier. The simpler, the better. It will make your room appear larger, more spaced out, and it will draw attention to the few items that are on display (artwork, plants, certificates of participation, etc.).

Second- Artwork. It always looks nice to have some unique work of art that is pleasing to the eye. Abstract pieces work great for rooms. Landscape photos, wall mounted 3D art that is relatively flat, and wall decals are all great options. Wall decals can turn a blank wall into a mural. Not to mention, they are removable so when you get tired of it, it’s a little easier to change than a painted mural. That brings us to our third tip:

Paint. You are probably thinking I am going to tell you to go out and get 3 crazy paint colors from Home Depot right now and throw them all together to spruce up the color… right? Of course not. We have all walked into those rooms that are so brightly colored and unpleasant to look at. When it comes to room paint, choose something not too flashy. This is the room where you want to relax and chill, not attract drivers on the freeway with a billboard.

Fourth- Carpet. I am not saying go out and buy brand new carpet for your room… But at least have it clean and stain free. If you have accumulated stains over years of use, no worries, there are orem carpet cleaning companies that can take care of them. Coffee stains are especially bad, as they not only look gross but can generate rank odors as well. Clean carpets are a must!

Fifth- Dust-free furniture. Ask yourself… When is the last time you dusted that room? I mean a thorough dusting of desks, chairs, window blinds, window seals, baseboards, etc. This will not only help it look crisp and new, it will improve the air quality in your room. Air quality in the room? That’s right, most allergens are settled where dust is.

With these five helpful tips, take a trip to home depot, roll up your sleeves, and take a couple hours to turn the dreaded enclosure of boredom into a nice, clean, calm, and inviting conference room.

This is a guest post written by Rawle Atkins. He enjoys side chicks on the weekends and also contributes for Health Ranks and Host Authority.

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