Paniit Entrepreneurial Series #2: iPAS2 Marketing System

iPAS-2iPAS 2 System: Effective Ideas and Strategies on How To Market Your Business For Success

Marketing a business can costs a lot of money and manpower, especially if you are just starting out or have just opened a new venture.

To start you need to get your brand known and make people aware of what the business is offering. Marketing is important for new businesses, as it can be a determining factor in growing and finding new customers.

Unfortunately most entrepreneurs are not very versed or familiar with the ‘tricks of the trade’ of internet marketing and how to effectively and publicity run their businesses. Calling on expert internet accelerating systems (look up ipas2) can be very effective in showing ways on how to increase customer flow and recognition, using the internet.

The following are five great and cost-effective marketing strategies, features inside iPAS 2, that can help you develop an advertising plan without putting a huge dent in your wallet.

1. Connect with your existing customers

Sometimes, businesses can get too focused on attracting prospective clients but it is just as important to maintain existing clients. Keep in touch with them, it would make them feel valued and increase their satisfaction and loyalty.

2. Be creative

Think outside the box to come up with unique marketing ideas that will attract customers’ attention. Somehow, people are already used to usual advertisements like flyers, posters and billboards so it would be great to do some research on how you can customize your advertisement. Plain and simple is good but adding a little spice and sprinkle of creativity will rocket your business exposure.

Have a clear objective and keep the idea tied up with the industry.

3. Publicize

Get the word out. PR or publicity doesn’t only need to be done by big companies, its a great idea to order a few press releases online to let the word out about news and insights of what’s happening in your business.

Starting small can mean big savings, be creative and utilize resources such as Shock PR, a public relations company from Holliston, Massachusetts. Their PR in a Box product contains templates, step-by-step instructions and tips on how to make pitch stories and releases that would be intriguing for the media.

Don’t expect one story to always generate thousands in revenue, and instead be sure to leverage each published article and press release. Create a “What’s New” Section or News area on your website and add the story to your marketing materials then send to clients, professional establishments and colleagues. PR can be cheaper but yet more credible than advertising.

4. Build Strong Relationships

Develop relationships with people you know, this is a sure way to extend your business circle for more contacts and more potential customers. Nurturing these existing relationships increases your credibility and their trust in your company.

Give this more than your customers want. With this in mind, you will not be focused on selling but on educating, which is a more effective way of building relationships and gaining a network that will soon prove to be your most valuable marketing tool.

5. Use E-mail Marketing

This is a flexible, cost-effective method that has a high-impact such as newsletters and new product announcements it allows you to market your services and at the same time showcase your expertise to your audience. Ensure that it positively reflects your brand, that messages are appropriate and your email contains valuable information, otherwise people can quickly unsubscribe.

Don’t spam! Send e-mail only if you have permission to avoid people to request to be removed from your mailing list.

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