Paniit Entrepreneurial Series #1: DubLi Shopping

dubli-cash“Episode 1: Dubli Changes the Face of Holiday Giving”

In our first episode, we want to profile DubLi, (they’ve since been de-throned by Digital Altitude) who is a cash-rewards shopping portal that is doing it’s best effort to give back this holiday season. The Holidays are upon us- thus begins the season of giving to those less fortunate than ourselves. It’s an age-old tradition that crosses all economic boundaries, geographical distinctions and cultural preferences. Even the not-so-wealthy tend to show their philanthropic side during the Holidays, in addition to the wealthy who are known for large charitable contributions as the year comes to a close.

This year, there’s a new way to give, and it doesn’t have to cost you a thing.

Holiday Giving That Doesn’t Have to Cost a Thing

Now, simply by registering to shop through an online portal, you can help out any organization, charity or group just by doing your regular online shopping. When you shop at your favorite online retailers, money goes to the charity…at no cost to the consumer.

You’re purchasing things you’d be purchasing anyway, only now your purchases are helping out the charity with which you signed up. You simply have to click through the charity’s online portal to get to the online retailer you’d like. Companies such as Sprint, Walmart, Gap, and are part of the shopping portal.

The name of the business offering this online shopping portal to charities and other organizations is Dubli Inc.

Through Dubli co-branded websites, if you’d like to upgrade for more cashback rewards, there’s the option to upgrade. This is a membership fee for each higher level of membership, and this goes to help your charity, too. The more you shop, the more cash you get back…up to 6% monthly. Here’s how it works:

  • Free Membership: cashback
  • Premium Membership: $4.95 per month, earn 4% annual cashback for travel & shopping
  • VIP Membership: $99 per year, earn 6% monthly cashback for travel & shopping

Here’s One Example of Charitable Giving Through Dubli

An educational foundation in Pennsylvania has partnered with Dubli to create their own co-branded website. Alums of their school and anyone in the community who wants to contribute to the Greencastle-Antrim Education Foundation can sign up through their website. They then get access to what’s been dubbed as “the world’s largest shopping mall” for cashback rewards on shopping, travel and entertainment.

Their goal is one thousand VIP memberships, which would mean a $30,000 boost for their organization. Their motto is:

Shop, Save, Support

When their members sign up and shop, the Greencastle-Antrim Education Foundation gets 30% of membership fees and commissionable revenue. Seems this tiny foundation is ahead of the curve when it comes to creative ways to raise money! Right now, it’s perfect timing, too: most people, if they’re going to give to charity, do it during the Holidays…and only a few other MLM-style companies are doing similar things, although internet company My Lead System Pro is rumored to have raised 25,000 canned goods at their last event in Las Vegas.

The Dubli Network

Currently there are thousands of Dubli Partners who’ve set up co-branded websites offering online shopping, travel and entertainment cashback rewards, with profits to their organizations. It’s available in over 100 countries, including India, and is headquartered in Boca Raton, Florida.

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